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Mission and Strategy


The focus of Reliefbase will be on the research and innovations, that can:

  • improve living conditions in formal camps, informal settlements, slums and host communities;
  • contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of relief operations;
  • contribute to disaster preparedness, crisis management and emergency response;
  • contribute to resilience before, during & after disasters.



The philosophy behind Reliefbase is based on:


It also aims for:



We work to achieve our ambitions through five areas of work:

Business development
Reliefbase provides access to relevant market information in the area of humanitarian innovation, to tenders and procurement procedures, and assists in the development of new and inclusive business models.

Common goals are realized though specific projects with national and international partners. Projects can be research, innovation or implementation-oriented. With its projects, Relief base generates cases, research questions and projects that require scientific knowledge for the conceptualization, exploration, development, prototyping, demonstration, introduction and acceptance of innovations. Our projects focuses on social innovations by using technology innovation for instance as a driver or accelerator.

Reliefbase provides a conditioned environment for field-testing, validation, pre-certification and real-time simulations of new technology and innovations. Field-testing and/or lab testing can be offered in the areas of fire-safety, UAVs, robotics, water, sanitation and hygiene, and health technology.

Education and training
Training and education can be offered on a range of topics, such as: inclusive business models, risk management, public management, operational procedures, product-specific norms and standards (e.g. in relation to safety, security, performance), on minimum standards in humanitarian response, disaster risk reduction and management, or incorporating a gender-sensitive approach.

Our philosophy is to develop, test and validate by creating operational Fieldlabs in developing countries and emerging economies. A Fieldlab in which local businesses and knowledge institutes – in co-creation with Dutch partners from the Triple Helix – work together in equality by creating new cooperation- and earning models.