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The partners of the Reliefbase have a wide range of lab facilities and field labs available. Some of these are accessible by third parties, others are only accessible by their own students and staff, or are accessible under supervision and with technical support. Depending on the lab facilities, and the type of testing/Experimentation/validation needed, a fee can be necessary to cover the costs to provide the facility and to provide the technical support that comes with it. Please contact us, or the facility itself, to learn more.

Space 53 – drones and unmanned systems

Water Experimental Center Twente (WECT) – water and sanitation

Twente Safety Campus and Safety Field Lab – fire safety, accu’s

Saxion FabLab Enschede – machinery, materials and applications

Experimental Center for Technical Medicine – University of Twente

DesignLab – University of Twente

Technology Base Twente