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Human platform initiative

The Human Platform Forum was hosted by the Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation of the University of Twente, Enschede, Netherlands 12-15 September 2017.

The Human Planet is a new initiative in the GEO 2017-2019 work programme supporting the GEO Strategic Plan 2016-2025. The Human Planet aims to support novel evidence-based assessment of the human presence on the planet Earth. The Human Planet leverages on advances of Earth Observation technologies and geo-spatial data analytics for improving the global awareness on the spatial patterns and processes of the today’s urbanizing world[ii]. The Human Planet initiative aims to support the post-2015 international frameworks: the UN Third Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development (Habitat III, 2016), the post-2015 Framework on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), and the UNISDR’s Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030.

The Human Planet initiative operates in an open and free data access policy, with the mission to maximize the access to data and statistics to ensure that no one is left behind and that the information gaps are filled. For the presentations at the Human Platform Forum, click here. For the Atlas of the Human Planet 2017, click here. The “Atlas of the Human Planet 2017 – Global Exposure to Natural Hazards” (Joint Research Centre, EU , 2017) summarizes the global multi-temporal analysis of exposure to six major natural hazards: earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, floods, tropical cyclone winds, and sea level surge.