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School going adolescent girls in India on average miss five days of school per month due to inadequate sanitation measure during menstruation. Around 23% of these girls actually drop out of school after they start menstruating.

Adolescent school-going girls from rural areas and urban slums are facing this challenge most primarily because of lack or near absence of access and affordability of hygienic sanitary napkins and/or non-adoption of use of these napkins. For this reason, the enterprise EcoDev Solutions in India has initiated Sampoorna. Sampoorna is a social enterprise initiative that aims to make sanitary napkins available, affordable and accessible to school-going adolescent girls, and to educate them on menstrual hygiene management. Currently Sampoorna donated sanitary napkins to 300.000 adolescent girls in 350 schools in the state of West Bengal. Its ambition is to startup the manufacturing and distribution of their own high-quality, low-cost sanitary napkins, with support from SIMAVI, the Reliefbase, the University of Twente and TNO.